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We are following the Nevada Guidelines and Protocols for Individuals [...]

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​Here at Wellington Place, we’re continually updating our policies and [...]

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Is everything on your website included in your packages?

95% of everything on our website are included in our [...]

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Please visit the pages below or contact the office for upgrades and items included in your selected packages:

– Photography Packages – Floral Packages – Photo Gallery and [...]

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Can our guests take pictures during the wedding ceremony?

Yes, but only from their seats. Due to flash interference [...]

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Who should get information regarding special musical arrangements?

All requests for musical arrangement should be sent directly to [...]

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Can I bring additional table decorations and similar items to the facility for Wellington’s staff to set up?

Wellington Place does allow customers to bring in additional decorative [...]

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How much is the charge for additional entrees?

All additional entrees are $3.00 per person. Additional sides and [...]

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Is parking available at your facility?

Wellington Place has ample, well lit, free parking.

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What if we need additional transportation other than what is included in our package?

We have additional transportation you may order upon request, a [...]

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